HI Touch Meetup

HI Touch Learning Central starts the new year with its first meet up on Saturday, February 6 at our home base at the Nuuanu Baptist Church. We’ll  theme our entire programming for 2016 featuring different aspects of the Year of the Monkey. We’re feeling this is appropriate for our group of technology enthusiasts as Monkey attributes include cleverness and intelligence, especially in career and wealth. Monkeys are lively, flexible, quick-witted, innovative and versatile. We are monkey! February’s HTLC Monkey Business Line Up Musical Adventures –…

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Aaron Loo on stage at the HI Touch Learning Meetup

Aaron Loo will be a featured guest at the February HI Touch Learning Central Meetup. Aaron, also known as Loo Ow, is an accomplished musician, singer, teacher, videographer, composer and actor.  He will share his techno journey of being a one man band where he discovers that creating simply with technology is complicated. Here is a sample of the project he will demonstrate. The meetup will be Saturday, February 6 at the Nuuanu Baptist Church. Information and signup at:

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Old Mac, New Parts?

Rolf Nordahl, owner of MacMouse Club and long time HMAUS supporter with discuss what you want to consider when you decide to upgrade an older Mac or put it to rest and get a new one.  He’ll also answer questions about different kinds of plugs, connectors and gadgets you may have around, afraid to throw away but totally useless at the moment. 9-11 February 20 Nu’uanu Baptist Church 2010 Nu’uanu Avenue We will either be in the downstairs room of the classroom building next to…

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