Springfest 2015

Registration Opens for Springfest 2015

Annual Technology Fair Open Talk Panel • Apple News • Demonstrations Springfest 2015 on Saturday, May 9th will include an Open Talk panel discussion exploring how successful communicators build their brands using modern technology. Delivering the Message Three of Honolulu’s dynamic and prolific communicators will share their thoughts and ideas on how technology has enabled them to deliver their messages globally. Guest panelists will be Russ Sumida, CEO of AdStreamz, Inc.; Catherine Toth Fox, The Cat Dish; and Bruce Fisher, Hawaii Aloha Travel. The panelists…

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Doctor Kokua – My WiFi signal is Weak

Mike Rethman asks:  Wireless internet connectivity in my home seems weak in portions of the house, despite indications on each Mac of a strong signal.  What experience do you have with wireless range-extender products — not hardwired? Hello Mike! If you have an Apple AirPort Extreme, adding a (smaller & less expensive) Airport Express usually works better than a 3rd-party “range extender”. Just plug the AirPort Express into a wall outlet (no cable necessary) in the room where the signal is weak and have it…

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Image of hand holding an unplugged power cable.

Doctor Kokua – I can’t print!

From Alice Unawai: I have suddenly lost the ability to print any documents. What can I do to fix this problem? Dear Alice, After you have checked to make sure that the printer is receiving power and that it has ink (or toner) the first thing to do is to restart everything. Shutdown your printer, computer and router. We even recommend unplugging these devices from the power source. Wait about 30 seconds, plug back in and restart everything. Doing this as a first order of…

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