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Where’s My Ritspik?

We’re honored to have Hawaii artist Lynn Young give a short talk at the February HI Touch Learning Clinic about her recently completed book Where’s My Ritspik? Lynn will share her personal discoveries leading up to the milestone. She won’t talk about the technology; though it was created using her iPhone, Macintosh and InDesign. Lynn will share her journey and the creative process in the making of her first hand-bound book—one filled with imagery and poems. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s a “ritspik?” Let’s…

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Terrence Young at HMAUS 35


Our HI TLC High Touch Tech Session for February will be moderated by HMAUS love guru Terrence Young. Improve your relationship with technology by learning how to connect with your devices. Our “user friendly” guru will help you to understand the ins-and-outs of cabling peripherals, drives and devices. Terrence will moderate the session with casual conversations with all who attend. While not Doctor Phil, his patient and gentle way with technology concepts and practical healing will lead you to many “happyfeaendings.” Sign up today for…

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2015 HTLC Survey

2015 HI Touch Learning Survey Results

The results of our 2015 HI Touch Learning Clinic Survey show that a large portion of our members are interested in learning about graphics and imaging. The results also indicate strong interest in communications, security and basic skills. We’ll be using this information to help us plan our programs for 2015. It will also be used to help us schedule future workshops on days and times suitable for most people. While HMAUS leaders have from time to time discussed adding weekday evening meetings to increase…

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