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Hardware Review: My Charge Peak 6000 battery

By Dave Greenbaum When traveling I can’t seem to get enough power but I absolutely despise filling up my carry on with a bunch of extra chargers and cables. While there are lots of chargers on the market, this one is as close to all in one as you get with retractable cables and AC adapter as well as a USB port and even an audible indicator telling you what is charging and how much charge is left. Due to its somewhat large size it…

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Software Review: Newsbar for Mac and iOS

By Dave Greenbaum, Click Here Tech Newsbar fills a key gap in RSS readers left by the demise of Google Reader: Ubiquitous synchronization of your content and read items. Newsbar has a Mac OS and an iOS client (sold separately) that uses iCloud to synchronize among devices. If you are logged into iCloud on the device, you’ve got your news items and the read, unread and starred items are synced. Other solutions use a hybrid web and app solution but Newsbar creates a full app…

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Book Review: Talking to Siri Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant (2nd Edition)

Like many iPhone users, Siri was cool at the beginning but I quickly got bored with her and couldn’t really figure out how best to utilize this tool–until I read this book. Siri is all about asking the right questions and phrasing your requests properly and this book shows you how.  This isn’t about silly games such as “Open the pod bay doors” but powerful syntax to utilize all the functions available to you. Each chapter examines a different area in which Siri can help…

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