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Where’s My Ritspik?

We’re honored to have Hawaii artist Lynn Young give a short talk at the February HI Touch Learning Clinic about her recently completed book Where’s My Ritspik? Lynn will share her personal discoveries leading up to the milestone. She won’t talk about the technology; though it was created using her iPhone, Macintosh and InDesign. Lynn will share her journey and the creative process in the making of her first hand-bound book—one filled with imagery and poems. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s a “ritspik?” Let’s…

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iShoot and Back to Mac Basics – Aug. 16th

Join us for two workshops this coming Saturday August 16th! We enjoyed an iPhone photography walkabout earlier this year with Gregg Kamei and we’re doing it again. This time we’ll take advantage of the great murals in Kaka‘ako and the nice cool classroom at ZenWorx – Walls and Things! Then we’ll see what happens to some of them when you let an app ramp them up!  Bring your iPhone, iPad or point & shoot camera. In the afternoon Ross Rasmussen will cover Mac shortcuts and…

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Hardware Review: My Charge Peak 6000 battery

By Dave Greenbaum When traveling I can’t seem to get enough power but I absolutely despise filling up my carry on with a bunch of extra chargers and cables. While there are lots of chargers on the market, this one is as close to all in one as you get with retractable cables and AC adapter as well as a USB port and even an audible indicator telling you what is charging and how much charge is left. Due to its somewhat large size it…

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